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A term paper is an academic essay written by the students during the semester, which makes up the ultimate assignment of a module or a class. It is an important written assignment in the curriculum of a school or university that represents a student's achievement during the semester. At the end of the course, a term paper is usually designed to highlight events, concepts, subjects or arguments. It is written as an original describing the topic assigned or chosen by a student in a number of pages and mostly due at the end of the semester.

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To write a good term paper, the following steps are crucial:
Identifying a topic
Searching for sources of research
Taking down notes
Writing down the format/outline of a term paper
A draft
Proofreading and editing

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The Format and Outline of a term paper

(i) Term paper outline

An outline is a basis for building a project and must be completed at the same time before researching and writing a term paper. There are many outlines to choose from, but instructors often require you to follow a specific one. A term paper mainly should include an introduction, the body and a conclusion.
A term paper outline needs to be organized and properly scrutinized. Technical writing skills are essential for organizing your ideas. The following are general outlines for a term paper to guide you as you express your argument:

1) The Cover page

Align your name, course code, instructor’s name, due date at the center of the page.

2) An Abstract

The abstract is usually less than one page and describes your term paper. This allows readers to know the argument in the paper, the problem you are addressing and why you choose that particular subject.

3) The Introduction

The introduction should begin with a description of the topic you are discussing in your term paper. Explain the meaning of the topic or problem and describe how you intend to resolve the problem.

4) Main Body

The main body must contain the focus of the topic. It provides information about the subject so that the reader can better understand what is being discussed. Also, remember a few points about the subject and the analysis of the research you have done.

5) Results

In this section, give an explanation of why your research has directed you to certain conclusions about the topic. How has your thinking changed since you started writing your term paper? If it remains the same, why? Connect your explanation to the content of the introduction.

6) Discussion

Finally, you give a summary and a conclusion on your topic. You may choose to ask an open question or encourage the reader to continue their research through discussions.

(ii) Term paper outline

For the format of writing a term paper, first, consider the style of citation you are stipulated to use by your instructor. If you research a specific topic in the field of academics, you must use a specific citation style. Failure to cite your work can lead you to be accused of plagiarism see here: Why and how to avoid plagiarism. The most used citation styles for term papers are APA formatting style and MLA formatting style in academic writing.

Use the APA (American Psychological Association) term paper format for social sciences. To quote a book in APA style, you need the name of the author, title of the book, year of publication, publisher and location. See here an example of APA term paper format by

The Modern Language Association (MLA) format is regularly used in open-minded art and in humanity academic disciplines. This format also requires the name of the publication, date and location. See here an example of MLA term paper format by

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