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His-200 Week 4 Discussion And 2 Peer Response

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His-200 Week 4 Discussion And 2 Peer Response

Discussion Prompt

“Over the course of the next 12 years, voting rights remained a major goal for the emerging women's rights movement, but they were not the movement's sole focus; economic, social, and educational issues also occupied prominent places on the movement's agenda ("The Women's Rights Movement," 2016).”

The Women's Rights Movement's goal was not only about getting women the rights and freedom to vote, but also it was up to making sure that the issues that affected society (educational, social, and economic issues) were solved accordingly.

For the author’s thesis statement, I would summarize it by saying that the activists of this movement had a firm goal that they would do all they could to achieve despite any challenge they would face while trying to achieve that goal. The quotes that justify this thesis statement better are; “Bayh’s experience with amendments accustomed him to think of Congress as the great obstacle to constitutional change. The nearly-fifty-year congressional struggle over the ERA, with its rapid shift in the final stages toward support for the amendment, seemed to portend the same result in this case.”

Peer Response #1

His selection focused on how the women were ready to sacrifice what they had for the other women who did not have anything so that they would all get the rights that they were fighting for. For similarities, we all came to a common conclusion that the movement tried all it could to ensure that women got the rights and freedom they needed. On differences, my selection was a bit different as it focuses mostly on the various goals that this movement had, while his selection is about how women who had resources sacrificed to achieve this movement's goal.

Peer Response #2

Both the peer's selection and mine make conclusions by focusing on the change that was being fought for by the women. However, we have differences in our selection. What is more in this post is how the women did not depend on men to provide them with the resources necessary for the movement, for they provided them by themselves. My selection's conclusion is all about the goals the movement had in mind to achieve, including having the right to vote as their first one.


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