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psychology of humor


Psychology of Humor


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Psychology of Humor 

Humor is the action, writing, or speech characteristic that brings enjoyment and excitement, resulting in laughter. Aesthetics is a philosophical art study of taste and beauty. Humor is deemed attractive on a personal level, value, and experience. A piece of music, art, or dance work is an aesthetic appeal of value to one's life. In life, aesthetics majorly brings calmness and happiness feelings. 

Aesthetics is the principle of nature and its beauty's appreciation; entertainment is the action of being amused. Aesthetics and entertainment are sometimes compatible but not always. Humor can be entertaining and not have an aesthetic appeal as it varies on a person's value and experience. Humor is always entertaining, defined as something comical, amusing, and funny. Someone who uses humor in their speech makes the audience at ease and more reception, terming the speaker as funny, likable, and even more human. For something to be appealing aesthetically to someone, it means they want it and are attracted to its aesthetic qualities, and they must respond to it with gratification. These aesthetics are not only visual but also audio, like music and poems that please them. Pleasure is said to be crucial to survival, and without the gratification of aesthetic appeal giving pleasure, it would not be easy to survive.

While comedy is planned entertainment, which is an expression of humor, humor makes one laugh at a particular moment or situation. Humor and comedy are mostly from jokes given. If the jokes are intentional, targeting a specific audience, they sometimes lead to crossings violating ethics. 


Humor is not only aesthetic as it brings laughter not only to other people but also to situations, watching funny shows and reading funny incidents, but it is also entertaining. Intentional jokes to humor a specific audience may violate ethics by causing crossings that are highly disregarded. 


Kant, L., & Norman, E. (2019). You must be joking! Benign violations, power asymmetry, and humor in a broader social context. Frontiers in psychology10, 1380.


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