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From Greece to the Renaissance

1. If China had not been so isolated, in what ways do you think science would have developed differently there?

2. Why were the early Muslim caliphs so interested in preserving the ideas of ancient science?

3. Why was practical astronomy so highly cultivated in the Arab world?

4. Describe ways in which the church both supported and retarded scientific activity? in the medieval period. What reasons can you give for this two-sided approach?

5. Science in early China achieved great sophistication, yet was superseded by the West beginning in the Renaissance. Why do you believe this happened?

6. What circumstances of life in Italy and Sicily made these regions fertile ground for the acquisition of classical scientific ideas?


From Greece to The Renaissance


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From Greece to The Renaissance


What was the "Greek Miracle" as discussed by McClellan? Why was it called this? What are some examples that, in your opinion, were the most "miraculous" examples?

The achievements/inventions the ancient Greek civilization made possible was called the "Greek miracle." These innovations included everything from democracy, science, art, and theoretical mathematics. Many of the contemporary day accomplishments can be attributed to these inventions, which are known as Greek miracles. The word "miracle" was coined to denote a shift away from using myths and deities to explain natural phenomena and toward a more rational perspective that used mathematics and science.

The most incredible Greek example is a democracy, which revolutionized how society was governed by bringing together all the relevant parties. Democracy is now the de facto norm for representation and governance. Other remarkable instances include theoretical physics and mathematics, whose discoveries altered how we view the world today. Even natural phenomena that were formerly attributed to gods in ancient times are now nearly entirely governed by the principles of science and mathematics. Humanity has advanced and achieved milestones thanks to science and mathematics that would not have been possible without them (Humphreys, 1908).


Response to question 2

Why were the early Muslim caliphs so interested in preserving the ideas of ancient science?

To start, ancient science was useful. The Muslim people had effective medicinal procedures that they used because of ancient science. This indicates that the people's health was safeguarded and enhanced, which made it important for them to conserve the principles of ancient science because it increased their people's quality of life and knowledge, making their science even more advanced. Additionally, it promoted the growth of Islam. People began learning Arabic as soon as they claimed ancient science as their own and translated the works into the language to comprehend the numerous treatments and knowledge the Muslims wished to impart. This circumstance increased the number of Muslims and attracted a lot of new converts. It also aided in the development of Islamic culture because individuals who came to learn had to use the Islamic language to comprehend the intricate subtleties of the old science (Butt & Zubair2011).



Humphreys, M. W. (1908). Greek Discoveries and Inventions.The Classical weekly, 1909, Vol.2 (16), p.122-123

Butt, & Zubair,M,M,. (2011). Islamic law and the limitations of medical intervention. Early human development, 2011, Vol.88 (2), p.83-85


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