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What is a research paper? A Research paper is a complete academic discipline that provides explanations, evaluations, or arguments. When writing a research paper you must use everything you know and think about a particular subject or topic. In the process of writing the research paper, you will learn more about the topic and with conscious effort, you should expound on expert knowledge.

What is academic research?. Academic research involves searching for knowledge to get the best information on a particular subject. Knowing how to conduct your research makes it easier for you to write a research paper. You can trust our writers at to do a properly researched research paper at your convenience.

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What are the most important things about writing a research paper?

(i) Understanding

The first and the most important thing about writing a research paper is understanding your assignment. In order to understand, you must read through the instructions several times and ensure that every piece of instructions is available. If you find any need for clarification, follow it up with your instructor. Once you have you have understood the instructions, note the assignment specifications such as submission date and method, paper length and format. This will help you plan your schedule for research, writing and proofreading your research paper

ii) Choosing a topic

Writing a research paper requires you to brainstorm carefully about the topic you choose. Some of the methods that can guide you into a good topic is noting down suggestions and talking to peers or your instructor.
At we advise you to gather inspiration of a broad area from previous research by other scholars. This is because you are guaranteed to find knowledge about an area previously researched. From a broad area, you can choose a specific topic that you find interesting as per the assignment instructions.

iii) Pilot research

During this step, you ensure that you note down the academic research that is significant to your research paper topic. You can use a variety of credible resources, such as journals, books, and websites

Look for not only your ideas but also resources that are contrary to your opinion. The contrary opinion enriches your argument. The following questions should guide you through pilot research:
1) Does anyone seem to be missing your survey data?
2) Do you have a distinctive perspective on this topic?
3) Based on the existing research, has any progress been made recently?
4) Can you resolve the heated debate?
During pilot research, you can ask a few precise research questions such as; why? What? And Why? These questions will help you position your argument.

iv) Writing a good thesis statement

This is a statement of your main points and it defines the purpose and position of your research paper. If you start your paper with a research question, the thesis statement you give should be the answer. It should also include the evidence and reasons that will support the answer.
It should be short, consistent and not contradictory. This means that your reasoning should be summed up in one or two sentences that will guide you to additional evidence or analysis, and present a consensus on each part of your research paper. It should also guide you during research because each paragraph is intended to support and develop the thesis statement.

v) Outline

Essentially, an outline of a research paper (backlink to a writing resources article- The outline of a research paper) presents important topics, arguments, and evidence. These should be divided into heading sections so that you can roughly get a closer look at what your research paper looks like before you begin writing.
Note: Use as much time as possible on the outlines because it will help make your writing process more proficient.

vi) Draft your research paper

Drafting your research paper for the first time does not require you to be perfect. When writing this draft, you need to keep writing in mind that you will improve later as you make sure that the sequence of paragraphs and sentences is clear and logical so that the second draft is easier to read. You must also ensure that you write your thoughts clearly
It is important that you note that a draft does not require a particular format, it requires natural writing of ideas. Keep note of some of the information that you think you might require later. For instance, you can save it in a different document instead of deleting it.
Also, have in mind that paragraphs are an integral part of your research paper. Every paragraph explains an independent idea adding up to a body of explanation and the position of your argument.
As you write your draft, it is also important that you use credible sources and use the instructed citation format. This will help you avoid plagiarism.

vii) Introduction

The introduction of a research paper should answer three questions: what, why and how? After the introduction, the reader should know the content of the research paper, why it is worth reading and how you will express your argument.

(viii) The Body

The body of a research paper must be convincing enough to your reader. Your ideas must be well organized and connected following the lead that your thesis statement introduced.

(xi) Conclusion

The conclusion of a research paper is intended to help your readers get rid of your arguments and identify your final opinion. Your conclusion must go hand in hand with the thesis statement you gave in the introduction. It also gives an answer to the research questions that you have been trying to answer.

(xi) Proofreading

This is one of the most crucial parts of writing a research paper and any other academic paper. Before you hand in your research paper review each paragraph to ensure that each sentence contributes to the thesis statement and no irrelevant information. Finish up by going through sentence structure, grammatical errors, and the paper format. Also, ensure that you have used transitional words and phrases correctly to show the connection of your ideas. Check for text errors, remove unnecessary words, and check title format and spelling consistency.

Finally, you need to make sure that the article is properly formatted according to the citation style rules you use. For example, you need to add an MLA title or create an APA title page.

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